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"Something that we are considering particularly with Rise of Azshara is making sure that characters don't lapse at any time on their leveling up scale buy WoTLK Gold. They can swiftly get to the point that they're playing with their friends playing in Nazjatar and Mechagon," Feasel said. "So If you're among the players who decided to stop playing when Tides of Vengeance came out then it will be easy to gain the next level to unlock your first Essence. To ensure that you're not getting behind, you can jump in and start playing with them. Begin collecting essences as soon as you can."

Essences is one of the most extensive customization systems introduced in Rise of Azshara. The game also features punchcards with colored sockets reminiscent of gems. It's all about a feeling of comfort for long-term players which is a result of the desire to offer more flexibility.

"I consider that all of these things are evolutions of things we've already done before, in a way that makes it seem like there are a lot of ways to tailor your character that is just purely item-level based," Feasel said. "So there's always some option to log into the game and determine, okay now, this is how I'd like me to evolve my character in the present. There's ten different ways to achieve that."

Additionally, there are quality-oflife adjustments for quality-of-life. Mount capabilities, for example can allow you to customize your mount with extra capabilities that they don't come with by default. The specific example Blizzard cited was the Water Strider WoW WoTLK Classic Gold, which has the ability to walk in water. Since the launch of the Mount system, you can put this feature with any of the mounts. The studio was very frank about this as a reaction to a bit of irritation, but it needed a broader approach than the feedback that is required.

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