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This kind of update won't necessarily make the game easier however it will reduce the time it takes to RuneScape Gold complete. The gameplay is simple enough. The main thing is the time. You'll get a better game by making it more difficult but also more efficiently.

Jagex has EoC coming out to (hopefully!) fix my dislike for the grind. Personally, I'm fine with EoC or no EoC. I just want to see them reduce the speed of spellcasters, swifts and goliaths. GF everyone who got a cmaul, yeah?

How do you solve this issue? I think the best way is to create the highest level of content that gives you more XP, but it's also instanced, so you won't get crashed to all hell. This is sort of similar to Dungeoneering. The high-level content could offer food/pots, or cash you can buy food or pots. It's just important that it's not accessible. I believe it would work.

The gloves chaotics issue is fascinating. I'm not sure how balanced the time between the two are. Certainly, the quests or levels require you to possess more abilities than you normally (on a great team, you can reach chaos with only a strong combat ability), but they still require you put in an enormous amount of effort. 

It's quite possible that they've messed up the content in 2007 RS Items this section, though it's equally likely that 90+ weapons with even more demanding requirements are close to being just around the corner...though they'd be a big deal on the HTML5 blog.

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By Bestmengqin
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